Senza bed is predicted for children wich are dedicated as children which are in need for exercise.
Our vision by development of these bunk bed was to give the opportunity to all children to exercise at home in the space where they feel free to do it and in the time they want to do that.
Also for all children which have exercise needs from healthy reasons, to allow them and to facilitate them to work at their home.

Senza is modeled as a simple bed to be assembled or dissasembled at their home, and stable for all exercise on the swedish wall bars.
The headbacks of the bed packed assembled and only the longway sides needs to be connected with the headback.
Also the wall bars are packed assembled and need to be only fixed on the bed or wall.
All highest wooden materials of BEECH are used for these bed.
The varnishing can be made in white or black colour, or natural varnishing and most important is to know that the varishing has the certificate that it is frinedly for children use.

Senza bed can also be combinated as :
– Bunk bed,
– 2 sofa bed.

Senza has following accesories :
– Swedish wall bars,
– Swedish bench lebth 1,5 / 2,0 m,
– Drawers 2 x 1,0 m length,
– Drawer for mattress 2,0 m length,
– Mattress for exercise.


Available sizes: White, Black, Beech, Spruce, Ash.