Senza bed is a new model designed for active children with full energy , and we want to encourage parents to the importance of healthy physical activity.

Our vision of producing this type of bed was to give a simple opportunity for proper development and to provide the feeling of freedom and comfort by exercising in the area where the children are the most vulnerable, in their own room.

Senza is practical in every sense , the bunk bed is very easy to assemble and disassemble if you want two separate beds.

Swedish wall bars are very useful for the proper development of children and the strengthening of their muscles ,they can be within the bed or simply if you want separated beds to attach them to the wall.

All highestwooden materials of BEECH are used for these bed .

Varnishing can be done in white ,black or natural varnishing ,the most important fact is that the varnishes are certified as safe for children

Senza has following accesories :

– Swedish wall bars
– Swedish bench lebth 1,5/2,0 m
– Drawers 2×1,0 m lenght
– Drawer for mattress 2,0 m length
– Mattress for exercise