About us

Smarvet Ltd. has been engaged in the production of massive furniture and timber equipment for gypsum shop for many years.

With its quality of product development and with its knowledge, it managed to satisfy the demands of renowned companies in the EU.

The advantage of our company is that the complete production is based on the requirements and models of our customers, who are certainly protected in our company.

In addition, with our experience and knowledge, we always perfect our customers’ models.

For our products we use the highest quality raw material such as: OAK / ASH / WALNUT / BEECH AND YELLOW and of MDF Egger plates.

Our finishing process is adapted to the BIO materials: oils and varnishes similar to children.

Our products were placed in countries throughout the EU and for the purpose of facilitating the import of goods to our customers, we established cooperation with the partner company SMART & ESCARGO doo (Črniče 118,5262 Črniče-Slovenia) through which all exports of goods are made to our customers.

Also, at the headquarters of our partner company, we have a standard product shelf so that our customers have goods available for quick deliveries.

For all additional information we are happy to help you,

Your SMARVET team