About us

Smarvet furniture has been engaged in the production of masive furniture and wooden equipment for sports halls.

Our knowledge and quality of products meet the requirements of renowned companies in the EU.
The advantage of our company is that complete production is based on the requirements and models of customers ,which are protected by our company.

For our products we use the highest quality raw material such as: oak, ash, walnut, beech , spruce.

Final step in our production is varnishing with BIO oils and varnishes (different colors by the require of the buyer ) which are adjusted and safe for children .

Our products have been placed though the years in many EU countries .In the desire to meet and aqomplish needs of the customers,all export of our products is made trough our partner company Smart & Escargo d.o.o. ,which is located in Slowenia ,where we have a stock of our standard products ,ready for quick delivery to you.

For all additional information we will gladly help you,

You Smarvet furniture team